Is Your Department Ready for a New Video System?

Posted by Kelly Milligan on Aug 29, 2017 7:21:00 PM
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Panasonic manufactures equipment specifically for law enforcement and first responders. Their products are made to be as tough as military grade products to take all of the abuse that police may encounter on an everyday basis while in the field. As mentioned in our previous articlePanasonic has an innovative package with the Arbitrator 360º, Arbitrator BWC, and an evidence management system that work together so you can easily record and review evidence.

Looking closely at the systems you have in place can help you determine if your data collection methods are outdated and should be updated to be more functional and save you money.

Consider How You Capture Evidence

Many older or low-end evidence systems will only allow you to capture evidence in one video format and has to be manually turned on each time you wish to start recording. This can lead to lapse time in a video that can be the most crucial evidence in a case. Crime moves quickly, so your surveillance methods should, too.

Examine Data Storage and Management Systems

It's not uncommon for older video systems to fail to maintain and make critical evidence available for review. A better evidence management system can allow you to access all the information gathered at any location, by any officer. You access evidence from an office where the records are stored or remotely from a computer. The newer systems allow you to store information in the cloud, so it takes up less space on your hard drive and preserves it for anyone who needs access. An outdated system can harm the reputations of officers, departments, and, potentially, whole cities if evidence that's essential to a court case can't be accessed.

How to Phase in a Video System

To add video, you don't have to get everything in your next vehicle upfit. You can slowly phase a video system into your department by starting the process with an in-car system that produces real-time video with many capabilities that you may not currently have.

An in-car video system not only stores valuable evidence but can also keep officers safer by providing a deterrent to suspects who might otherwise be disruptive or threaten harm. If necessary, video footage can also be used to counter charges of excessive force.

If you already have a in-car security camera system, you can upgrade your entire evidence procurement and management system by adding body worn cameras (BWCs). These also help to preserve your evidence up close and in real time. The screen resolutions are newer and clearer than ever before. Record unbiased, tamper-proof footage anywhere with Arbitrator BWC.


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