Planning Ahead for Body Worn Cameras - With A Lower Cost.

Posted by Tyler Richard on Jun 6, 2019 9:45:00 AM
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Body worn cameras have been a topic generating a lot of media attention in recent years.  With a number of successful deployments under our belt, we've helped numerous departments plan the training, and implementation of body worn cameras for their officers a little ahead of the curve. KELTEK is always happy to jump in as s trusted advisor partnering with departments, providing their fully rugged body cameras. We thought we'd share some of their storys in an effort to help you visualize the path towards a successful body worn camera purchase, implementation and deployment.

This is your pilot speaking

Relatively recently, Cedar Rapids PD implemented over 150 body worn cameras into their daily workflow. The first component that helped Cedar Rapids PD achieve a successful deployment was enacting a pilot program, including only 5 members of the Police Community Action Team who were provided with body worn cameras. The success of this six month pilot program lead to an order of more equipment, totaling up to about 150 devices. (Pats Self On Back) For them, this program encompassed a video tool kit that ranged from interview room cameras, dashboard cameras, and of course body cameras

Lights Camera Action

A lot of action...too much action. KELTEK knows the struggle officers have when it comes to dividing their time as far as feet on the street, compared to in-department clerical duties. To help ease the stress of not having enough time in the day, these camera systems easily communicate with each other creating a seamless transition from capture, transfer, storage, access, retrieval & use of the video. 

Another helpful feature the Arbitrator® BWC is capable of, is crime scene photos, it can quickly be taken off of the uniform, to snap stills when needed. The camera's charging dock, works to upload footage recorded during the previous shift or work day, while charging the cameras. The video below shows our deployment over at Brooklyn Center Police Department  using the same video tool kit provided for Cedar Rapids Department. 

Currently, the Cedar Rapids Department's policy is to record all interactions with the public. Traffic stops, calls to service, any lawful reason for interaction should be recorded. There are some exclusions including:

  • Interactions between officers
  • Any Medical Facility Interactions

Iowa has an open record requirement which states that anyone can request public records, but there are a handful of exclusions on that requirement as well. The Cedar Rapids department is currently in the process of updating their own policies. 

Great Things Never Come From Comfort Zones

For some, change is hard to accept although with proper planning and training, this transition can be fairly easy for your officers. After putting on the 7oz camera they are surprised at the light weight of such a functional piece of equipment.  These departments also appreciated the triggers that can be enabled with a Panasonic Arbitrator® BWC.  The body worn's are able to switch on with programmed trigger settings, for example the light bar switching on.  At mission critical times, there is one less thing to remember for safety officers.

Let's Talk Money

More good news with the national rollout of body worn cameras, is the grants that departments are able to apply for to help with the budgeting.  Up to $22.5 million may be available to state, local and tribal law enforcement across the country. It is becoming a great route to transparency for all involved.  

KETLEK also offers a Hardware-as-a-Service program that can help with everything from procurement planning, installation and deployment, as well as ongoing service. We're excited about how this program can help fast track your consideration of this vital piece of technology. Check out more about our HaaS program here: 

Learn More About The HaaS Program

To see more about this camera please check out the video below, and if you have any other questions feel free to reach out to one of our consultants on what solution is best for your department. 



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