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Posted by Tyler Richard on Sep 19, 2017 9:01:00 AM
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This article concludes our 5-part series covering the many benefits of the Panasonic Arbitrator equipment. We started by introducing Panasonic Arbitrator products, then walked through how to decide which type of camera or video system your fleet is ready to entertain, and then went on to discuss specific features of in-car security cameras and videos and body worn camera solutions.

Today, we'll finish by talking about superb Arbitrator storage solutions, so that once you've captured your evidence, you can keep it safe, secure, and organized so you can easily use it when you need it most.

Hardware Components

As mentioned in our previous articles, the Arbitrator hardware captures footage to later use for evidence. This includes images captured with the body worn camera as well as fixed car security cameras. The Panasonic Arbitrator 360° HD in-car video recording system supports up to five cameras that record simultaneously and three audio recording devices. 

Software and Storage Solutions

The software component manages your captured evidence. You can review footage and move it from the camera to the server to store over the long term. Software can also be used to edit video segments so you can bring only the most important parts to a trial to present to the judge and court.

Typical storage and software solutions have several drawbacks. A low-dollar system typically dumps all of the information onto a larger storage system without deleting evidence automatically, which can be a liability concern for your department. Someone must manually sort what to delete from what to keep, and information may be kept for longer than necessary, depleting the storage system capacity. Additionally, if any audio or video evidence is mishandled, lost, or distorted, it could be considered to have been tampered with and inadmissible in court, providing no protection for your officers. 

Unified Evidence Management System (UEMS)

The Panasonic Unified Evidence Management System (UEMS) protects your captured video and audio evidence and creates easily manageable files to be securely stored. All evidence is handled autonomously without any hands-on contact; transferring files manually can sometimes lead to losing important facts.

This system can capture up to seven streams of audio and five streams of video simultaneously and syncs all of the data together in one file to eliminate the need to toggle between screens to get the entire picture.

The UEMS also has an encrypted format to protect all of your evidence and make it completely tamperproof. To download the information stored in the system, access rights and permissions are required.

You have the option to store your information locally at an office, in the cloud, or you can use a hybrid system that includes both storage types. All information is captured through the hardware and then, seamlessly and in real time, transferred into the software system and automatically sent to your choice of storage option. On-premise storage includes a server that hosts all video data. An off-premise storage system handles the data in a data center, and the hybrid approach is a combination of both.

Arbitrator Storage

All of your Arbitrator evidence in video and audio form is sent automatically to your choice of storage through a trickle-down method. The videos are tagged to make evidence easy to find and recall as you need to. As the video ages, it can trickle down to a less volatile storage system with slower spinning drives. This allows for less expensive storage as the video gets older and becomes less important. You can choose to store your files in the cloud to free up more space on hard drives.


This information is intended for the use of fleet managers who are ready for vehicle upfits in the public safety sector. Educating yourself on the newest and best technologies available can help ensure you have the best protection possible for all of your officers. Contact Keltek today to discuss your next vehicle upfit.


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