Carrier Spotlight: FIRSTNET™ Built by AT&T

Posted by Holly Johnson on Nov 21, 2019 1:47:39 PM
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During a time of emergency, the first thing the majority of people would do is dial 9-1-1. Imagine if that call couldn’t go through? You would feel lost and helpless, having a reliable connection is extremely important in today’s world.

For that same reason but on a much larger scale, is the initial reason FirstNet came to fruition in 2012. During the tragic incident on September 11th a majority of our public safety officials were unable to make calls out because the network was completely saturated. The 9/11 Commission recommended a single network dedicated to first responders.  FirstNet is the first network with a dedicated connection for law enforcement, EMS, and fire service.

Use Cases

 When working in just about any industry in the 21st century you have a connection to the ‘IoT’ or internet of things. Meaning, your devices communicate well with each other plus everyday items are connected to the internet. Even a vending machine communicates to the company that owns it -that it’s out of Snickers.

This makes for efficiency for us all. With those capabilities put into a patrol car, your body worn cameras, along with in-car video, can live stream events to your department. Offload videos faster, get real time vehicle telematics, and FirstNet even provides a strong connection in rural communities with this line dedicated to you.

For EMS workers this line lets you provide real-time feedback quicker. Getting patient information back to the hospital assists all involved to be better prepared when that patient arrives at the emergency room.  Sending results back instantaneously can save a life in many cardiac and other cases where fast action is needed for a patient.  

With wildfire losses adding up to $5.1 billion in the past 10 years [link] we can see this problem is very real. Fighting fire out in the forests of California you will pleased to know FirstNet’s coverage area is very vast. Plus, you’ll experience priority and preemption across the entire nation.  No longer worry about signal strength and quality of service, FirstNet is unlike any emergency response network you’ve used before!

Network of Tomorrow

“$40 billion will be invested over the life of the contract to build, deploy, operate and maintain the network, with a focus on ensuring robust coverage for public safety users.” – FirstNet Website  

At KELTEK our partners get chosen after a very thorough process. We want you to feel confident we’re providing the best products and services possible to you. FirstNet is a company that is focused on the future and proactive solutions to mission critical events.

One solution our team recommends is a pairing of a mobile router[link], and a FirstNet carrier test.  Running side by sides on a MG90 is a great way to see what networks work best for your use cases.  While the Airlink Router is able to show diagnostics of which networks are utilized most often, it also provides sub second switching of carriers, so you don’t skip a beat.

Another partner device we carry that is FirstNet ready is the new TOUGHBOOK 55

It has plug-n-play options for the device and supports the FirstNet Band 14 spectrum. The relationships between our partner’s make getting you a future proofed mobile office a smoother process.  When we all have the same goal in mind, innovative things can happen. Please reach out to our team today to get set up with our demo program and get to testing the best solution for your department!



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