Common Connectivity Problems: Limited Remote Access

Posted by Kelly Milligan on Dec 6, 2017 11:12:00 AM
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If you’re a fleet manager who experiences connectivity problems with your vehicles while they’re in the field, this blog series is for you. In recent articles, we covered common problems you’ve likely faced at some point, including

Today, we’ll conclude our connectivity series by covering one last major problem we often see.

The Problem: Limited Remote Access

If, as a fleet manager or IT person, you don’t have the right system in place, you can’t access your fleet’s devices remotely. If something goes wrong, you won’t be able to help or troubleshoot problems. What if an officer experiences a technical issue and they can’t access a map to get where they need to go? You could suddenly be down a vehicle without any idea why. 


The Solution: Total Reach with the AirLink Mobility Manager

Remotely access any connected devices in your fleet vehicles to identify problems with the AirLink Mobility Manager. You’ll be able to much more effectively help officers in need. The Total Reach dashboard allows you to manage and troubleshoot connected devices remotely. You can initiate updates, run programs, and diagnose irregularities and correct them. You also have flexibility in managing and configuring vehicle gateways. You can even reconfigure all routers and gateways across your fleet simultaneously using the deployment dashboard.

In this blog series, we walked through several problems and how to solve them with either the AirLink MG90 or the AMM. Here are some benefits of utilizing BOTH of them together:

MG90 + Mobility Manager

Stop relying solely on your computer’s own ability to connect to your cellular provider’s network and risking spotty or no connection and communication issues across your fleet. Incorporating the MG90 with AirLink Mobility Manager can make the outcome exponentially better and save you money as well. You’ll no longer have to pay to have additional IT staff on your team; the fleet manager or other designated user can easily make updates and provide support for your team and devices. You can also save money by not having to build up extra capabilities in your computers because you can rely on the AirLink products to cover your connectivity needs.


Are you interested in either the MG90 or AMM? Talk with an expert at Keltek to learn more about these premier vehicle solutions. We’re a full-service vehicle upfitting and technology company in Iowa. Set up a free connectivity audit with one of our certified solutions architects, or request a quote today.

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