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Posted by Kelly Milligan on Aug 23, 2017 9:47:00 AM
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Panasonic is a trusted name in the vehicle upfitting industry. They are known for their great customer service and product lines that are especially made for in-vehicle applications for public servants. Today, we'll give you an overview of Panasonic as a company and introduce two of their valuable products: the Arbitrator 360º HD camera and the Arbitrator BWC (body worn camera).

Overview of Panasonic's Vehicle Upfitting Products

Panasonic products are made to be tough and durable for reliable use in public service vehicles. As a fleet manager, you likely need to choose products that are durable and can withstand the tough conditions that public service vehicles have to endure, such as high speeds, quick maneuvers, and extreme weather. Because Panasonic products can take the wear and tear, theylast a long time and that can save you money in repairs and replacements.

The Panasonic Arbitator line includes two innovative products for video (and much more). One is the Arbitrator 360º HD camera that can be installed inside your vehicles. The other is the Arbitrator body worn camera (BWC). Both of these products have the functionality you need to help keep your officers safe and to preserve all evidence in the best manner possible.

Panasonic Arbitrator 360º HD

This camera is a rugged car security camera system that is normally installed in the dash of a police or first responder vehicle, but it can be useful in other areas, too. This camera captures high quality video to make it most likely the images will be admissible in court. The front-facing camera can capture everything that is going on in a traffic stop with crystal clear video and accurate colors. The system can incorporate up to five cameras that will all record at the same time to capture all activity around the vehicle in real time.

Some of the features include wide-angle lens to capture more activity from every side of the vehicle and the ability to zoom up to 360x to increase the size of the smallest item caught on camera. It supports two drives to preserve a lot of information within the system and sports wireless microphones that operate up to one mile away from the receiver so you also have audio with your video to tie in all the evidence. The Panasonic Arbitrator 360º HD Camera is an effective solution to your in-vehicle video needs.

Arbitrator BWC

Body worn cameras are a great asset to police officers to capture video of suspects that can be used as evidence in court as well as to create the transparency that promotes public trust in the police force. The Arbitrator BWC provides the clarity that Panasonic is known for and is also tamper proof. This system captures the unbiased information needed to support a conviction. This rugged camera operates in most any condition as it is sealed and tested as a military-grade product, as are Panasonic rugged computers.

The Panasonic Arbitrator BWC has an adjustable brightness on the information panel to make it easy to see even in bright sunlight (as opposed to some products that have to be in the shade to be visible). It also integrates seamlessly with the Arbitrator 360º and the evidence management software to coordinate all the information for viewing from remote locations or on-site management in a building. The long-lasting battery can be swapped out quickly in the field so you are always able to use your video system.


These products work together for a complete evidence management system to safeguard and keep track of the evidence collected by the officers in your department. Keltek can help you to choose a system with the rugged Panasonic products that you need to make your job as a fleet manager easier. Contact one of our knowledgeable associates to find out more about these products and all of the benefits of each, or click below to request a quote.


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