Should You Attend the 2018 KELTEK Roadshow?

Posted by Jesse Peters on Jul 5, 2018 12:00:00 PM
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Depending On Your Goals—The Answer Is Probably Yes!

In less than 90 Days, the annual pilgrimage to the Iowa Speedway begins for what has become an annual gathering for everything public safety. The KELTEK Roadshow will kick off on Thursday, September 27th for Iowa's public safety professionals and the event is full of amazing speakers, killer content and almost everything a public safety officer or first responder could want from an event.

For departments and agencies, the annual event also brings with it the age-old question, “Should I stay or should I go?” This year the event is supposed to bring over 300 attendees! Ultimately the decision to attend should come down to what you can get out of the conference to maximize your department's resources, improve its efficiency or help you deliver better results for your communities.

If you’re using that as your decision-making criteria, I think the answer should be YES! Here’s some additional thinking on why you should plan on attending the KELTEK Roadshow this year.

You Can Fast Track Technology Knowledge

The roadshow offers a ton of opportunities to get smarter around the fast-paced technology space. There are multiple sessions taught by KELTEK and other practitioners on the roll out of band 14/FirstNet,how to leverage connectivity solutions, industry best practice for evidence management, new technology hardware releases and more. If you’re new to public safety or even a veteran officer the conference is going to drive a lot of value for you.

If you’re more advanced or have specific challenges with technology, there are a lot of people who are happy to help. KELTEK has its own subject matter experts who can drill down on your issue, show you how to fix it and give you guidance on what you need done. Don’t hesitate to take them up on their FREE offer to help.

You’ll Get To Meet Other Departments

If you want to connect with other departments, there’ll be hundreds of them there. This is a chance to talk shop to people who are dealing with the same issues you are. Most of them are more than willing to share and most are as excited to meet you as you are to meet them. The community is historically very friendly and helpful.

You Can Explore Vendor Partners

KELTEK doesn’t have all the answers when it comes to public safety (shocking I know). There are a number of vendor relationships and tools we leverage at our shop.

Most of those partners are in attendance too, so it’s a wonderful chance to see what they have, talk to them about the practicalities of using their product, explore pricing and ask about success stories.

I always like to know who else is using it. If it’s only one or two other agencies, I’ll be more skeptical. If it’s hundreds of agencies, I usually want to know more.  

You Can Grab Tips, Hacks and New Techniques To Improve Results

This is usually a biggest reason I recommend the KELTEK Roadshow. I want to help our customers (and soon-to-be customers) get better. I listen to discussion and think about how to apply that thinking to what another department might be struggling with. The secret sauce of the conference is your ability to learn techniques from other departments and agencies that can be woven into what you're already doing.

Work On The Department, Not In The Department

One of the biggest challenges for most public safety departments is you’re constantly working IN the department, taking care of the community, helping team members, and managing budgets. This means you almost never get to work ON the department. This is a problem. The more time you work ON the department and not IN the department the faster you’ll maximize your resources. That time focusing on the strategy and high-level improvements that need to be made is invaluable.

By getting out of your office and letting your team take care of all those daily details you’ll be doing something strategic and of high value. You might even crack the code on a challenge you’ve been dealing with for months. If you can’t attend one conference a month for a few days, then your department is too dependent on you and you need to work on fixing that anyway. This is a great way to find out. I think you’ll be pleasantly pleased with how your team handles things while you’re at the roadshow.

Bonus Reason: Tickets are affordable

I know budgets are tight and you still need to travel and potentially stay over. However, the tickets to attend, lunch and hospitality night are 100% FREE — that's right FREE. As conferences go, you can't beat that ROI. It's one small way we like to give back to Iowa's public safety community. 

Conferences and especially the KELTEK Roadshow provides you with unprecedented opportunities to learn new ways to make your department better. It provides you with a unique environment where you’re able to talk to other department owners who are dealing with the same situations as you and it might even present you with some interesting opportunities for your department that you weren’t even thinking about before you arrived in Newton.

Are you convinced? Then register below today!

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