Sierra Wireless AirLink Manager: Part 1

Posted by Tyler Richard on Aug 8, 2017 11:57:00 AM
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Sierra Wireless manufactures innovative products for fleet managers to use in their day-to-day operations to make their jobs easier. Their routers and gateways are made particularly for in-vehicle applications of emergency response vehicles. The AirLink MG90 is their premier product in this category for fleet management. Using this multi-networking platform in conjunction with the AirLink Manager gives you the tools you need for complete mobile network management. Remote features include managing the AirLink router or gateway, troubleshooting abilities, customized views of the infrastructure, and advanced reporting modules. Fleet managers are given a full range of gateway and router management capabilities, increased efficiency, and the ability to view the entire mobile network all at once.

 Using AirLink MG90 with the AirLink Manager

The combination of these two products gives you, as a fleet manager, the ability to manage your entire network from your premises. The AirLink Manager (ALM) is designed for on-premises network solutions needed when cloud-based management isn't an option. The ALM enables you to remotely access routers and gateways in all aspects. You can configure them from your office without the need to actually go to each vehicle.

You also gain the ability to troubleshoot problems remotely and make repairs to the entire fleet either in a mass configuration or to one vehicle’s hardware at a time. This eliminates or greatly reduces the need for an outside IT manager to travel to your site and, in turn, reduces your costs. The amount of money you can save on your yearly budget is substantial when you compare this system with having to hire a dedicated resource or outside company to manage these systems. 

Core Reporting

According to Sierra Wireless, performance reports on your fleet include several types of information for you to analyze and troubleshoot. The reports are configured and then automatically saved on your server to allow you to view them at any time and have them available to email to other employees for in-depth analysis. You can choose to have reports in the Excel format to work seamlessly with other reporting methods in the same format.

The core reports on the AirLink Manager include bandwidth consumption, utilization of links, and coverage maps. These reports allow you to view all of the data in all forms received and transmitted on the networks for individual routers and gateways, or you can combine them across all devices into one area. Link utilization allows you to diagnose your network connections for each router and gateway or combine them all in one area. This can help you determine if you need to change or update the software in order to have quicker connection times and to spot any inconsistencies among your fleet. Coverage maps give you a real view of your wireless services on each router or gateway so you know if one is working slowly or not working at all in a particular region.

The Virtual Dashboard

The AirLink Manager has a virtual dashboard that is easy to use and view. It provides real-time network data of all of your AirLink gateways and routers and allows you to view and make any changes necessary to all of your devices at once. You can even set up reports that will give you the history of each and every device for analyzing the data so you can make changes as you need to. Customized alerts or triggers can tell the system to perform a particular task, or you can manually trigger tasks as you see fit.

The ALM enables you to make your own maintenance schedules as you need them at a moment's notice, and it improves your long-term goals in network management for your fleet. You can even install your own software updates without the need for additional personnel or the costs associated with this to keep your system running smoothly on all of your Sierra Wireless routers and gateways.


If you have any questions regarding the AirLink Manager, AirLink MG90, or any of our emergency response vehicle equipmentcontact Keltek! Our knowledgeable staff is more than happy to help you find the system you need to manage your fleet as efficiently as possible.


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