Sierra Wireless AirLink Mobility Manager: Part 2

Posted by Kelly Milligan on Aug 15, 2017 12:19:00 PM
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Using the Sierra Wireless AirLink MG90 in conjunction with a network management system offers all the tools you need to make decisions and corrections to all of your routers and gateways. The AirLink Manager, as we mentioned in our last article, offers on-premises data collection and observation for management purposes. The Sierra Wireless AirLink Mobility Manager gives you the option to store data either in the cloud or on premises to manage your mobile fleet.


Introducing the AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM)

The AirLink Mobility Manager and the MG90 routers and gateways give you versatility at your fingertips for all of the vehicle management tools you need. You can simplify your management techniques by having reports that include all vehicles in your networking system at once for overall views. You also have the option to view and make decisions on an individual vehicle if you choose to do so.

The AMM system saves you significantly in your annual budget. All tools can be managed from any location on a virtual dashboard that has a real-time display to keep you in the loop at all times. You can get the information you need for tracking and making decisions at any time. It can also save you money by enabling a fleet manager or designated user to perform all of the updates needed across all of the devices in your network. This eliminates the need for an expensive IT personnel. You can also run programs to diagnose any irregularities and correct them remotely.

Some of the reports built into the system include coverage maps, so you can view the cellular coverage for your entire fleet to examine the effectiveness of your carrier. Coverage trails track each vehicle by its location to see how effective its connectivity is in those areas. The availability trends show the percentage that each of your gateways are available and accessible over different time tables.

The AMM Operations Pack

The AMM Operations Pack is an optional add-on for the AMM system. It gives you the tools to manage vehicle telemetry and locations quickly and efficiently. The benefits of this diagnostic software are immense. By tracking your vehicles, you'll know when you need to send more emergency first responders to a site. For example, if you manage a fire response fleet and one or more of your units are stuck in a traffic bottleneck and unable to get to their destination, you can spot this immediately and send alternative units promptly.

In addition to the tracking benefits, you can monitor the health of all of your vehicles easily and in real time. You'll have access to the malfunction indicator light that signals you to diagnose what is malfunctioning and correct it. Other benefits include monitoring engine run time, distance, speed, and all vehicle fluids and temperatures. These items can collectively be observed to spot when maintenance is needed on one vehicle or schedule maintenance for the entire fleet. Monitoring mileage helps you decide when a vehicle is approaching the end of its life and when you need to work with an upfitter to update or replace it.


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