The Differences Between Sierra Wireless MG90's and MP70's

Posted by Tyler Richard on Sep 11, 2019 7:39:12 AM
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Mobile connectivity is a hot topic in the industry of public safety.  Having a reliable connection in a mission critical environment is a must have.  KELTEK provides two primary options for mobile connectivity solutions. To help assist you to distinguish between the two and find out which is the best solution for your department, we broke down the similarities and differences between Sierra Wireless MG90 & MP70. 

The Similarities 

Both of these mobile routers are in the Sierra Wireless Performance category.  These Mobile Routers were purpose built for vehicles and in the rugged family.  MG90 and MP70 are both capable to run telemetry on the vehicle, as well as one second reporting on the device's status.  A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is standard with both models so you know your information is safe and encrypted while you're connected.  Accessing your device remotely for real-time network insight, system updates, registration, and configuration is a major benefit both models provide. 

These mobile routers offer the ability to host up to 128 simultaneous devices. Laptops, in-car video, and even sending data back to a remote database is seamless, making these routers a great option for first responders.


MP70 seen on the left, MG90 on the right

The Differences 


MP70 is smaller in size than the MG90 and does not have the capabilities for sub-second switching to the best carrier network for coverage.  Instead, the MP70 takes up to 30 seconds to switch to another carrier.  It runs a singular cellular radio, with two sim card slots. So, if there is coverage issues your machine will not automatically switch to the best cellular network since it only has one option.

We recommend MP70's to anyone who needs some cost savings, as well as departments who have civilian cars that would like the ability to track those vehicles.  We tend avoid configuring these for emergency response vehicles that may be in rural areas or heavily populated events. 

  • 1 Cellular Radio
  • 2 Sim Car Slots
  • 1 Wi-fi Radio
  • Includes first year of network management and support with AirLink Complete



The biggest difference between the two models is AirLink® MG90 is a multi-network platform. MG90's are larger in size and with that, comes two cellular radios, four sim card slots, and two wi-fi radios. That means you can run two cellular carriers at the same time, so you know you are getting the strongest signal possible.

When you pull up to your department or any building with a secure and approved wi-fi connection, the router will connect to that signal saving you the cellular data you might have been using up.  This also gives you the ability to create a wi-fi hotspot off of the router. 

  • 2 Cellular Radios
  • 4 Sim Card Slots
  • 2 Wi-fi Radios
  • Selects best available network based on user-defined policies 
  • Seamless network handover and sub-second network switching 
  • Consolidated security with the AirLink® Connection Manager (ACM)
  • Remote, real-time network insight and control with the AirLink® Mobility Manager (AMM)


In Conclusion 

Both of these mobile router options provide a more reliable connection than traditional means. This leaves you with more options of communication to your fellow first responders during a mission critical event. Although the MG90 is more robust and our overall recommendation for the majority of departments we serve.  To learn more about Sierra Wireless Routers download our Sierra Wireless E-book below or reach out to a KELTEK representative today!

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