Things to Look for in a Weapons Mount for Your Command Vehicle

Posted by Ashley Schepler on Dec 27, 2017 2:04:00 PM
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Outfitting your command vehicles can be a hassle. It’s a challenge to find a mounting system that works for all the different styles of vehicles in your fleet while providing the features your organization needs. When you’re looking at weapons mount equipment for your emergency response vehicles, think about what your priorities and requirements are. Upfitting your vehicles with weapons mounts that satisfy your needs can help your department be more efficient and more effective—protecting your employees and the public they serve.

Priority #1: Accessibility

One of the most important features of a good weapons mount is easy, quick access to your firearms or less-than-lethal weapons. Law enforcement personnel need to be able to access and use their weapons when necessary without delay. Look for a mounting system that puts your team’s weapons at their fingertips and allows them to access them without stretching, straining, or struggling. Under-seat mounts, security drawers, mounting racks, and overhead racks are some options for keeping weapons close at hand and easily accessible.

Priority #2: Security 

Equally important as accessibility is security. While it’s vital that your personnel be able to access weapons easily and quickly, it’s also essential that unauthorized individuals not be able to access those weapons. Electronic locks, delay timers, and components that can’t be disassembled without specialized tools can help keep your weapons out of the wrong hands. Plates and other device features that neutralize the weapons while mounted are also valuable features to guard against accidental or unauthorized discharge.

Priority #3: Versatility

Your vehicle upfitting install team has enough on their plate without having to reinvent the wheel every time they install a weapons mount system. Do them a favor and choose a system that mounts easily in a variety of vehicles. Modular construction can allow a weapon system to be easily converted from partition mount (suitable for partitions and cages including flat panel, recessed panel, K9 or half cages) or stand alone-mount (suitable for vehicles without partitions like vans, SUVs, pickups, command cars, undercover and specialty vehicles) by simply adding a base. A modular system can also allow maximum adjustability for multiple weapons, giving you the flexibility to accommodate multiple gunlock heads, and maximum adaptability to a variety of installation configurations or challenges.

Priority #4: Protection 

A good weapons mount system will not only function well but also help keep your weapons in good repair. A well-fitting, adjustable mounting system can accommodate a variety of weapons snugly and securely, without marring or scratching the finish or impairing performance. A system that both secures your weapons and absorbs the shock and vibrations that your fleet vehicles are subjected to can help extend the life and actually improve the long-term performance of your weapons. This can help reduce maintenance and replacement costs, saving your department money and time as well as keeping you safer.


Vehicle Upfitting Services for Your Fleet

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