The Newest Addition to The Toughbook® Family - Toughbook® 55

Posted by Drake Dawson on Oct 1, 2019 7:52:04 AM

Introducing the Toughbook® 55

fu·ture-proof: adjective          (of a product) unlikely to become obsolete.

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The Differences Between Sierra Wireless MG90's and MP70's

Posted by Tyler Richard on Sep 11, 2019 7:39:12 AM

Mobile connectivity is a hot topic in the industry of public safety.  Having a reliable connection in a mission critical environment is a must have.  KELTEK provides two primary options for mobile connectivity solutions. To help assist you to distinguish between the two and find out which is the best solution for your department, we broke down the similarities and differences between Sierra Wireless MG90 & MP70. 

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The Benefits of Mobile Routers in Public Safety

Posted by Holly Johnson on Aug 13, 2019 9:36:33 AM

I must admit, I joined the pop-culture group of people who love to listen to true crime podcasts and are intrigued by the Summer of Sam era. I're wondering what this has to do with mobile routers.

There is something that stuck out to me personally while listening to these stories - The lack of communication between departments during that time in history, and how that could've changed everything. Fast forward to today, we can be connected and communicate all the time. With that said, we still have come across departments that seem to be stuck in the times of transmitters in patrol cars! 

For this reason, the team here at KELTEK thought it would be wise to educate our audience on the benefits of Sierra Wireless AirLink® Routers.  The reliable communication they provide and the dedicated public safety network you can get with them. 

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”  Martin Luther King Jr

1. Reliable Connectivity

When you are working in an industry where you put your life on the line for the sake of others, you need to be taken care of as well. To do your job most effectively you need a reliable connection to your department and coworkers. In today's communication landscape, we've gone way beyond the radio. There are a variety of communication tools at your disposal. If you want to send video or location information in real-time a mobile router installed in your fleet vehicle is a great option.

2. Network Swapping

You also have access to network redundancy while using a Sierra AirLink® Router. These routers have a sub-second network switching to the highest strength network signal, so you don't skip a beat with your network coverage. Rural communities used to be a tough place to get a good signal, but with the redundancy of communications, you can keep your department live and on the map at all times.

3. Multiple Devices 

Sierra's routers can connect up to 110 devices to your mobile router at one time. This means at high traffic public events, after a major natural disaster, or any mission-critical situation where most of your department is on the scene, you all have a reliable connection with a dedicated public safety line. Your team will not be bogged down by civilian use of a network, there is now FirstNet, Verizon, and US Cellular that all have data plans that give you the ability to receive a dedicated network in the public safety industry. There's a peace of mind knowing that you can easily communicate with your team during mission-critical events. 

4.  Vehicle Telemetry 

The AirLink® Mobility Manager (AMM) feature of these mobile routers is really impressive and detailed.  This application configures real-time reports from your fleet vehicles.  From vehicle diagnostics allowing you to see any error codes or problems going on within the vehicle. There's also link utilization, giving you the ability to see a time-based depiction of network connection & which networks your router switched to.  All of the dashboard's information can be accessed remotely for higher insight and control of your vehicles. 

Ask us about our service program that gives departments quarterly fleet reports via email, these updates include but are not limited to: 

  • Coverage Maps – fleet-wide cellular coverage maps to assess overall carrier or network performance
  • Coverage Trails – connectivity for individual vehicles by location
  • Link Utilization – time-based view of connectivity status for each active WAN link
  • Availability Trend – the percentage of in-service time that individual gateways were accessible over-the-air
  • Bandwidth Consumption – the volume of data received/transmitted on each network

5. Mobility 

These routers are purpose-built for vehicles. Having a mobile office is ideal for any first responder and these routers are rugged enough for the job. They can withstand more vibration than a standard router. Getting your in-car or body-worn camera videos sent in real-time is ideal for evidence capturing or mission-critical information getting sent back to base without having to wait. Another feature is mobile multi-network security, so you don't need to worry about your data being breaching while it's transferring to its final destination. 

To learn more about the benefits and use cases for the various AirLink® models stay tuned to our blog and subscribe to our newsletter - there's more to come on mobile routers!

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Time is Running Out, Do You Have a Plan?

Posted by Ryan Surber on May 20, 2019 3:26:07 PM

Time is Running Out, Do You Have a Plan?

The end of the fiscal year is upon us. Do you have a plan? It seems like every year, it sneaks up on departments and we want to help. In this post I want to share some great ideas on how to maximize your budget...

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Protect Your Officers with Multi-Tasking Transport Partitions

Posted by Ashley Schepler on Feb 12, 2018 11:57:23 AM


Police work can be dangerous and unpredictable. Responding to active shooter calls can put patrol officers at risk, and delays can result in injury, casualties, or chaos. Many departments practice Immediate Action Rapid Deployment (IARD), a police tactic where first responders actively confront a developing high-risk crisis, as opposed to first responders assembling a cordon around the crisis zone and waiting for special response units like SWAT.

Having a rapid-deployment ballistic panel easily accessible and at the ready for your officers in every vehicle at all times adds an extra layer of readiness and protection to your force.

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Things to Look for in a Weapons Mount for Your Command Vehicle

Posted by Ashley Schepler on Dec 27, 2017 2:04:00 PM

Outfitting your command vehicles can be a hassle. It’s a challenge to find a mounting system that works for all the different styles of vehicles in your fleet while providing the features your organization needs. When you’re looking at weapons mount equipment for your emergency response vehicles, think about what your priorities and requirements are. Upfitting your vehicles with weapons mounts that satisfy your needs can help your department be more efficient and more effective—protecting your employees and the public they serve.

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Common Connectivity Problems: Limited Remote Access

Posted by Kelly Milligan on Dec 6, 2017 11:12:00 AM

If you’re a fleet manager who experiences connectivity problems with your vehicles while they’re in the field, this blog series is for you. In recent articles, we covered common problems you’ve likely faced at some point, including

Today, we’ll conclude our connectivity series by covering one last major problem we often see.

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Common Connectivity Problems: Difficulty Tracking & Limited Connections

Posted by Mike Jayne on Nov 28, 2017 9:48:00 AM

This is the second article in our three-part series: Common Connectivity Problems. Last time, we talked about issues fleet units often face in the field that are related to data limits and manageabilityToday, we’ll look at two other issues that may have affected your fleet at one time or another.

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Common Connectivity Problems: Data Limits & Manageability

Posted by Tyler Richard on Nov 24, 2017 6:39:00 PM

If you work in the public safety industry, secure and stable connectivity shouldn’t be optional; it should be required. If your connections are spotty or you lose service in certain areas while on the road, how do you expect to communicate quickly and effectively in every emergency situation?

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New Touch Screen Display for Public Service Vehicles

Posted by Ashley Schepler on Nov 15, 2017 9:06:00 AM

Havis has engineered a new touch screen display designed specifically for public service vehicles. It's easy to fit into a vehicle and saves valuable space in the cabin. The display attaches directly to the dash panel, a new type of mounting that allows you to reach the screen easily in your line of sight. The hinge on the mount allows for a tilting and swiveling motion so you can position the display to the right, left, or upward. By lifting the display, you can easily access the control panel on the bottom. Read on to learn more about this cutting-edge product.

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