What is Hardware-as-a-Service

Posted by Kelly Milligan on Feb 5, 2020 11:03:02 AM
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Hardware-as-a-Service or HaaS is basically a monthly lease or fee for technology hardware. The concept has been around for years. You may already be using a Hardware-as-a-Service program, without even knowing. For example, if your home internet provider swaps out your router every few years for the newest model, you're in a hardware as a service agreement. KELTEK recommends small to medium sized departments consider this option.  There are multiple benefits to utilizing programs that help manage technology. 

HAAS-keltekBudget Approval

The main benefit that comes along with this type of service is the low capital involved. Using a HaaS program tends to make budget approval quicker and easier.  It is attached to your operating expenses as opposed to capital expenses. It can free up your cash flow and provide more working capital, which is important in most departments.

At Keltek we offer quarterly or annual payment options. Our service agreement or 'lease' terms last three to five-year agreements. HaaS helps to remove the unpredictability of maintenance and upkeep of your devices. 

Keeping Current 

Having the option to get up-to-date equipment in your department and stay current is important to reduce downtime. It also helps to protect your officers when their devices are working correctly.  Using a proactive service model delivers a high level of service integrity, and operational reliability, providers are equally invested in the upkeep of your devices. It's a great way to ensure the best operating practices are used with your hardware.

Sometimes hardware maintenance is neglected due to high costs or long waits and multiple transfers on a 1-800 help line. With HaaS, the equipment and service is included in the master service agreement. Timely upgrades will be in place for your technology.  You'll have one number to call with a solution that comes quickly.  You can forget about the potential implications of equipment failure and system crashes after a warranty expires. This solution will resolve—better yet, prevent—the problem.

Plan for Peace of Mind 

Having outdated technology equipment can lead to difficult budget decisions, poor productivity, and lost data.  Combined with a managed service agreement (MSO) that covers all aspects of your technology needs — HaaS can alleviate a lot of hardware headaches and provide some big benefits.

  • Minimize Downtime
  • Remote Updates
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Stay Current on the Latest Technology
  • Keep Your Officers Out of The Office!

Along with the benefits above hardware-as-a-service also gives you a predictable expense each year.  For us, HaaS is a no brainer, take the stress off yourself and have a one stop shop for all your technology and device maintenance needs. 

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